This is a great tutorial when i start writing my own web service. There's a good article on Developing Web Services Using PHP on the O'Reilly. Today, I am trying to write up on web service functionality and also how to consume it using PHP code. Basically, it is a very beginner level web. Representational State Transfer (REST) is an architecture style. Web services that follow the RESTful principles are RESTful services.‎Demo PHP RESTful Web · ‎PHP MySQL REST API for.


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Build your first web service with PHP, JSON and MySql

If we were to rely purely on information being in the body, as a request parameter or perhaps by decoding the response and then checking for a status code within it, we have lost some of the built-in functionality of HTTP.

It is, by design, an envelope protocol to help us understand what is inside without necessarily having to do the work web service php decode it, or to try to decode it and then fail.


Seeing an error status code, a zero content length header, or an unexpected content type will all help us to understand what web service php have received before we even try to unpack it, which is fantastic!

These web services web service php feel more like distributed libraries than any kind of new-fangled service-oriented technology We make a request to a given endpoint, passing a method name and some arguments, and we get the response back.

The easiest way to illustrate what this looks like in PHP is to look at an example. We're going to call their search method, and look for all photos tagged with "ibuildings".

Working with the flickr API is probably a whole article in itself so I'll try to keep that aspect to a minimum in this post. RPC services in general are a nice way to start working with web services - they are a good fit web service php most applications, and they are easy for us to understand since we already know very well how to work with functions and arguments.

They may not be the "coolest" technology around but they are simple and personally I think that counts for a lot! Using RPC services also means that we can easily work with our existing code, in the event that we aren't always developing shiny new applications from scratch.

Creating and Consuming Web Services With PHP

RPC makes it easy to publish existing libraries as a remotely-accessible service for another system, and also to switch out an existing local library class for a remote one, since the shape of their interfaces is so similar. Choosing the right format depends entirely on your application and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Time for a quick tangent to look at these! XML is ideal for web service php between machines because it is quite verbose, which means it is precise and leaves little room for interpretation or ambiguity.

XML isn't terribly easy to read without help from machines, which can make debugging a bit harder than working with a simpler format.

It is also fairly large in size terms for the data it represents, which isn't important web service php most applications but at some edge cases this could make it a less appealing option.

While this format is named after its origins JavaScript Object Notationdon't be misled by the title.

Web Services

Millions of dollars have been invested in the development of this technology. Web services allow you to share data across many platforms and hardware configurations. For example, you can create a Java web service and web service php else can consume it using a.

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NET client without having to learn web service php line of Java code. There are many available scripting languages that support web services. PHP is one such language, with a powerful arsenal of open source functions and tools. In this article, web service php will compare and contrast three methods of consuming and producing web services: This article assumes that the reader has a basic knowledge of both web service specifications and PHP.

You must also have access to a PHP-enabled web server to implement our code samples.

Create a Basic Web Service Using PHP, MySQL, XML, and JSON

If you require more information, please refer to the resource section at the end of the article. First, we bring in both the client and server libraries using include statements: A parameter, which corresponds to the dollar amount, is passed into the web service php.

The parameter is then converted to a scalar variable.

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