The director first encountered Anthony Burgess' novel A Clockwork Orange when his Dr. Strangelove co-screenwriter Terry Southern gave him a copy on the set. The theme song (sort of) for the Stanley Kubrick film "A Clockwork Orange" with Malcolm McDowell. Soundtrack Album by Wendy Carlos Recorded: Released Label: Columbia Records Tracklist: Taken.


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A Clockwork Orange - Wikipedia

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Interested in participating in the Publishing Partner Program? A Clockwork Orange, novel by Anthony Burgesspublished in Set in a dismal dystopiait is the first-person account of a juvenile delinquent who undergoes state-sponsored psychological rehabilitation for his aberrant behaviour.

The novel satirizes extreme political systems that are based on opposing models of the perfectibility or incorrigibility of humanity.

Kubrick's wife, in an interview, stated she then gave him the novel after having read it. It had an immediate impact. Of his enthusiasm for it, Kubrick said, "I was excited by everything about it: The story functions, of course, on several levels: Novelist's response[ edit ] Burgess had mixed feelings about the film adaptation of his novel, publicly saying he loved Malcolm McDowell the orange clockwork Michael Batesand the use of the orange clockwork he praised it as "brilliant", even so brilliant that it might be dangerous.

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Despite this enthusiasm, he was concerned that it lacked the novel's redemptive final chapteran absence he blamed upon his American the orange clockwork and not Kubrick. All US editions of the novel prior to omitted the final chapter.


Burgess's novel Napoleon Symphony was dedicated to Kubrick. Their relationship soured when Kubrick left Burgess to defend the film from accusations of glorifying violence. A lapsed CatholicBurgess tried many times to explain the Christian moral points of the story to outraged Christian organisations and to defend it the orange clockwork newspaper accusations that it supported fascist dogma.

He also went to receive awards given to Kubrick on his behalf. Despite the benefits Burgess made from the film, he was in no way involved in the production of the book's adaptation.


Direction[ edit ] Kubrick was a perfectionist who researched meticulously, with thousands of photographs taken of potential locations, as well as many scene takes; however, per Malcolm McDowell, he usually "got it right" early on, so the orange clockwork were few takes.

No matter what it is—even if it's a question of buying a shampoo it goes through him.

More stuff

The orange clockwork just likes total control. Technically, to achieve and convey the fantastic, dream-like quality of the story, he filmed with extreme wide-angle lenses [18] such as the Kinoptik Tegea 9.

The teenage slang has a heavily Russian influence, as in the novel; Burgess explains the slang as being, in part, intended to draw a reader into the world of the book's the orange clockwork and to prevent the book from becoming outdated.

There is some evidence to suggest that the society is a socialist one, or perhaps a society evolving from a failed socialism into a fully fascist society. In the novel, streets have paintings of working men in the orange clockwork style of Russian socialist art, and in the film, there is a mural of socialist artwork with obscenities drawn on it.

Kubrick's response to Ciment's question remained ambiguous as to exactly what kind of society it is. The orange clockwork asserted that the film held comparisons between both the left and right end of the political spectrum and that there is little difference between the two.

The writer, Patrick Magee, is a lunatic of the Left They differ only in their dogma. Their means and ends are hardly distinguishable. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. It had to be completed in a single day because John Dugan, the actor who played Grandpa, refused to the orange clockwork the hour process of getting his makeup applied a second time. When I first read the part, I could see that nobody wanted this guy to be there.

It just hit me that he was whiny. At one point he and Burns stopped speaking to each other between takes, and Hansen later the orange clockwork that Franklin was the only character he was actually happy to kill.

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