“Dragonfish,” by Vu Tran, represents a new departure, a renegotiation of terms in which the past is not a place of nostalgia but one that carries. Dragonfish by Vu Tran larger image ▷. isbn: Our Price: £ Add to Basket. Or order from one of these stockists. Las Vegas is the setting but Vietnam is the backdrop of "Dragonfish," a noir tale told by University of Chicago professor Vu Tran.


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Dragonfish | W. W. Norton & Company

A secret diary, a series of anguished notes, and multiple caches of hidden letters all play significant roles. In Tran's story, it's nearly impossible for people to say what they feel, but tamping down their emotions is endlessly destructive.

The only solution is to pour everything onto paper, and hope the results will eventually find the right audience — even if the writers can't bear to deliver dragonfish vu tran revelations themselves.


Dragonfish's protagonist, Robert Ruen, is an Oakland patrol dragonfish vu tran called on to play detective. His dragonfish vu tran Suzy, a volatile Vietnamese refugee he married for her spirit, divorced him after eight years of mixed mutual comfort and mutual abuse that finally turned physical.

She married another man, a fellow refugee and Las Vegas criminal named Sonny, and stayed with him even when he broke her arm.

But when Suzy disappears, Sonny calls on Robert to track her down, trusting in Robert's confused, forlorn love and a bit of blackmail to make sure he follows through.


There, he encounters at least two things he doesn't expect: And so dragonfish vu tran Suzy attempts to pull off a classic noir move — stealing a suitcase full of cash from Sonny and his vicious henchman son Junior to set up her daughter for life — she'll never be able dragonfish vu tran pay back the debt of leaving her.

That she did more than 20 years before, shortly after arriving in the States.

Dragonfish by Vu Tran | World Literature Today

Mai, who was 5 then, says her mother took her leave so matter-of-factly, her absence didn't hit her until she was watching the end of "It's a Wonderful Life" around Christmas: When I asked my mother about the book, which still bore her high-school notes in neat cursive in the margins, she remembered only that it was scary.

If the different viewpoints could have been brought in without monopolizing and paralyzing the narrative for too many pages - just give us bits of their thinking dragonfish vu tran a time. The author would have to trust us readers to be able to distinguish the character's individual viewpoints, at least that problem would be solved.

Whose novel was this? Frankly, with the folks she hitched up with, I would, too.

The author showed us that, but I never really felt he was in on the irony--he was an insufficient advocate for a woman under duress. I totally get that.

Dragonfish (novel) - Wikipedia

Henry and being a finalist for the Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise; however, Dragonfish gives dragonfish vu tran the pleasures of the hard-boiled detective novel without condescension and does it with clean, elegant prose and a rich atmosphere that would have made Raymond Chandler proud.

Suzy deserted Robert and married a Vietnamese gangster, Sonny, who is also obsessed with her, and she now has run away from him.

Sonny demands Robert find her, even though Robert has had no contact with her for two years. Strangely, this creates one of the contradictions of the novel.

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